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As you start to browse vacation packages to Puerto Vallarta and what to do in the sunny destination, you’ll see that it’s a diverse town, each neighborhood having its own distinct energy. While there are some areas you’ll want to avoid, the main tourist and hotel zones are very safe, and they’re considered the best areas to stay in in Puerto Vallarta. To figure out where to stay in Puerto Vallarta, get to know these different areas a little better.

Conchas Chinas and Further South

Conchas Chinas Beach in Puerto Vallarta

The southern tip of the city is where the mountains meet the oceans, and with condos built into the hills, you’ll have sweeping views of the ocean. There are a few all-inclusive Puerto Vallarta hotels down this way, but it’s mostly private condos and villas. If you stay in Conchas Chinas, you’ll be in a quiet, secluded residential area with gorgeous beaches. However, there aren’t many shops or restaurants. To get to downtown, you’ll want to take the bus since the main road is very curvy and has very little shoulder space. Overall, it’s the best area to stay in Puerto Vallarta for travelers who want beautiful views, but plan on spending more time at their home away from home.

The Romantic Zone

Puerto Vallarta is known as one of the most gay-friendly destinations in Mexico, and in the energy of the Romantic Zone, there’s a number of gay bars, clubs, and hotels. However, it’s also a traditional Mexican area with charming buildings and cobblestone streets, and the culinary scene ranges from fresh seafood to gourmet Asian cuisine and American-style breweries. Los Muertos Beach in the Romantic Zone is one of the most popular spots in town, and while there’s so much to do in this area, it can get louder at night, especially the closer you are to bars and clubs. Your options for where to stay in Puerto Vallarta in the Romantic Zone range from a few smaller beach hotels to individually rented condos and homes. It’s one of the best places to stay in Puerto Vallarta if you want to be in the middle of the action.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta

The iconic crowned cathedral of Puerto Vallarta rises above the downtown area, and it’s one of the best places to stay for easy access to the Malecon boardwalk. Here, you’ll find clubs, restaurants, and shops along the beach, but as you go a few blocks inland, it becomes a quieter residential area. As you wander the cobblestone streets, you’ll find all sorts of delicious restaurants, art galleries, and boutique shops. It’s the best area to stay in Puerto Vallarta if you want to be able to walk everywhere and soak up the local culture. However, there aren’t as many hotels downtown, so if it’s your choice for where to stay in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll want to look for a house, apartment, or condo to rent. 

The Hotel Zone

As its name suggests, this area of town has some of the best all-inclusive Puerto Vallarta hotels and resorts. Located right in the center of town and along the main highway, it’s easy for visitors to catch a taxi, bus, or Uber to wherever they’re headed, but with five spacious, tranquil beaches, it’s easy to spend the day here strolling along the shore and splashing in the waves. When you book all-inclusive vacation packages to Puerto Vallarta, you’ll also have on-site activities, entertainment, and dining at your resort, making them the best places to stay in Puerto Vallarta. Nearby, there’s also plenty of other restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping malls within walking distance.

Marina Vallarta

Marina of Puerto Vallarta Mexico

At the northern end of the city, next to the airport, luxury yachts and sailboats fill the marina, and here, there’s a number of Puerto Vallarta hotels and condos to stay at. Along the marina, there’s a number of restaurants serving everything from fine Italian dining to casual Mexican cuisine. There are several boutique shops and tranquil spas, and from here, you can hop aboard a boat to explore the bay. There’s also a lush golf course in the heart of the marina area and a local market during the tourist season on Thursday nights. With so much to do, the marina is becoming one of the popular places to stay in Puerto Vallarta, however if you’re looking to swim in the ocean, these beaches are much less friendly.

Before purchasing vacation packages to Puerto Vallarta, be sure to check out the local area around where you’ll be staying. Some parts of the city are known for their exciting nightlife and restaurants while others are known for their beaches and tranquility. However, the city isn’t too big and has plenty of public transportation, so no matter where you stay, you’ll be able to explore it all.

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  • Randy

    10 May, 2021

    A couple of your photos are not consistent with the area you are writing about. The Romantic Zone photo is clearly of the malecon, north of Rio Cuale, and not in the Romantic Zone. The Downtown Puerto Vallarta photo is of the sports stadium, located in the south part of the Hotel Zone, certainly not in downtown or El Centro.

  • Alberto

    30 May, 2021

    Worst recommendations for Restaurants , clearly you are talking about your personal preference, you did not mention lots of good places to eat.

    • developer

      16 June, 2021

      Hi Alberto,
      But I don’t mention restaurants specifically, only the best areas to consider staying in PV. Let me know what you specifically and I hope to help you with your questions.


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