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When the coronavirus epidemic hit, travel plans were some of the first things to change. Borders were closed, coronavirus travel advisory news was spread, and flights were grounded. While some travelers took advantage of cheap tickets, others waited on hold to speak with their travel agents, trying to find out what is a covered reason for trip cancellation. In this time of uncertainty, it’s important to stay on top of each coronavirus update regarding travel and your destination. Whether you’re looking to modify your itinerary, cancel your travel plan, or you’re hoping to score a deal with a travel insurance coronavirus policy, use these tips to navigate the world of coronavirus and travel.

Go Directly to the Source

To figure out what is a covered reason for trip cancellation and to see the details of your travel insurance policy, it’s best to go directly to the source. Many airlines and hotels have multiple ways for you to contact them, including by phone and online chatting. If you used a travel discount site to book your travel plan, you’ll need to contact them as well for a coronavirus update.

Speak with Kindness

With the uncertainty surrounding travel, the most helpful way to find out about travel insurance coronavirus policies is to speak directly with an agent. To get the most help with modifying a reservation, cancelling, or rebooking your trip, remember to be kind and patient. Travel agencies and call centers have been flooded with calls, each one concerning a stressful situation in an unprecedented pandemic. When you make a call about coronavirus and travel, remember that being respectful can get you more help with rebooking your trip. 

Accept Credit to Rebook

Depending on the original travel insurance policy included in your booking, you may not have many options for cancellations. However, travel companies have been very understanding and lenient with each new coronavirus travel advisory that’s come out. Because of the number of unforseen travel restrictions, many companies allow you to rebook the same trip for no additional charge, and some are offering credit on future travel plans. Even if you don’t know when you’ll be traveling again, taking the credit to book later is often the best, and most generous, option available. 

Look for Deals

While the current coronavirus travel advisory is to stay at home, many travelers are itching to return to their explorations. Right now, travel companies are offering some of their biggest deals, but purchasing a flight or booking a hotel right now without a travel protection plan would be a mistake, unless the hotel has a free cancellation and limitless modifications policy. Don’t let new travel restrictions ruin your deal. While a new coronavirus and travel announcement may require you to reschedule your trip, you can still shop around for discounted tickets. To find the best deals and get the best coverage, book directly with the airline or hotel.

Consider Purchasing a Travel Insurance Policy

Because there’s less of a demand for flights right now, there are lots of deals to breathtaking destinations. However, each new coronavirus update could change your plans. While taking advantage of deals is exciting, purchasing an additional travel insurance plan will help you make any necessary changes to your travel plan. Having the right travel protection plan will help you avoid headaches down the road, giving you options to travel when Covid travel restrictions are lifted. Before purchasing, be sure to read the fine print about what is a covered reason for trip cancellation. 

With all the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus and travel, having the right travel protection plan can make a big difference. By calling the airline or resort directly, you can find the best plan and work out any rescheduling conflicts. As you do so, remember to take time to read the fine print before snatching up a deal, and always use kindness when speaking with a travel representative. We’re all in this together!

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