Covid Questions

As headlines change and doctors learn more about the novel Coronavirus, COVID questions continue to linger, especially when it comes to travel. After canceling vacations and quarantining at home, travelers are eager to rebook their trips and continue exploring the world. However, like most areas of life, travel has changed, and it’s important to know how to travel safely during COVID. By staying up to date on COVID travel restrictions, you’ll have the information you need to make wise choices about when and where to go. While every destination has its own rules and guidelines, this information about where to travel during COVID and how to get a COVID test for travel will help prepare you for the road ahead.

Where to Travel During COVID

Throughout the past year, COVID travel restrictions have changed as different areas hit the peak of the pandemic. While some places continue to battle the spread of the disease, others have enforced strict guidelines and are coming out of the pandemic. To determine where to travel during COVID, watch the local trends before booking anything, and opt for destinations where you can enjoy the fresh air and socially distanced activities.

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How to Travel Safely During COVID

No matter where you travel, whether it’s to a local grocery store or a foreign country, it’s important to know how to travel safely during COVID. Before booking your flight and accommodations, read through the airline’s and hotel’s policies to check that they’re following the best safety guidelines. As you travel, be sure to always carry antibacterial hand gel and wipes with you to clean your hands and any surfaces you come in contact with. Throughout your vacation, practice social distancing, eat outdoors when you can, and avoid visiting enclosed spaces, like museums and theaters. 

Can I Travel to Mexico Right Now?

Throughout the pandemic, one of the biggest COVID questions for many in North America was “Can I travel to Mexico?” While Mexico’s borders have remained open to travel with minimal COVID travel restrictions, many resorts closed down and vacations were canceled to slow the spread of the disease. However, because cities throughout the country enforced strict safety protocols, tourism is picking up once again. If you’ve been wondering “Can I travel to Mexico?” and you’re ready to go, be sure to follow all safety guidelines throughout your trip. 

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Do You Need a COVID Test to Fly to Mexico?

Every country has its own guidelines for foreign visitors, and some now require travelers to present proof of a recent COVID test to enter the country. Do you need a COVID test to fly to Mexico? You do not. Before landing, you’ll fill out a short health questionnaire on the flight to present at immigration. While you don’t need a test to travel here, it’s a good idea to consider scheduling one before or after your trip to monitor your health. The US Center for Disease Control recommends that travelers test for COVID 1-3 days before their flight and once again 3-5 days after returning in addition to staying home for a total of 7 days.

How to Get a COVID Test for Travel

While the answer to “Do you need a COVID test to fly to Mexico” is negative, there are countries and states where you do, like Canada and Hawaii, and in the coming year, airlines may begin to require passengers to present proof of a recent test before boarding both domestic and international flights. How to get a COVID test for travel will depend on your current location, but you’ll want to schedule your appointment quickly to ensure that you have it in time. Those who don’t will either have to enter a 14-day quarantine or may be blocked from entry.

While there are still many COVID questions and updates each day, doing your research helps to open the door to travel. By choosing safe destinations and following preventive measures, you can rebook your vacation and begin to travel. As you do so, continue to follow all updates and regulations so that your vacation is safe and secure.

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