Islands of Loreto

About Islands of Loreto

Loreto Mexico was the first Spanish settlement on the Baja Peninsula in 1697, but long before that, indigenous tribes called the sunny shores home.

Today, you can step back into the history of Loreto Baja California Sur and discover ancient rock paintings and carvings in the Sierra Madre Mountains, some of the most fascinating Loreto attractions that are protected by UNESCO.

While there are always new things to do in Loreto, the city still maintains its quiet charm and connection to nature. Whether you’re walking the beach outside the grand Loreto all inclusive resorts or escaping into the wild landscapes outside of town, it’s clear to see why people have been calling Loreto Baja California Sur home for centuries.

When to visit

There’s no one best time to visit Loreto, but depending on the Loreto weather and what Loreto activities ignite your imagination, certain seasons will give you your dream vacation.

Humpback and blue whales are some of the most majestic Loreto attractions, migrating for the warm Loreto Mexico weather between January and March. The winter months are also the best time to visit Loreto if you’re wanting mild Loreto weather.

While you won’t need a jacket during the day, mornings and evenings are cooler, and you won’t be bothered by the heat on the Loreto golf courses. As tourism drops during the summer months, it’s one of the best times to visit Loreto when Loreto all inclusive resorts offer their biggest deals of the year.

Loreto Weather


Things to See and Do

If you’re looking for what to do in Loreto, you just need to open your window. With the sunny Loreto Mexico weather, you’ll likely want to spend your days in the great outdoors, exploring the local Loreto attractions and soaking up the fresh air. Enjoy the scenic views and get in some light exercise on the Loreto golf courses, or head to the open waters for a day of discovery.

  • Kayak and Paddle boarding Adventure
  • Explore the Coronado Island
  • Whale Watching
  • Go to Loreto nightclubs
  • Visit many historical sites in Loreto
  • Enjoy of a delicious craft beer
  • Snorkel and scuba exploration
  • Golf Courses
  • Mountain Biking
  • Sport Fishing Activities
  • Visit the Loreto Bay National Park


The Loreto beaches have been drawing international travelers for years, many returning annually to seek the tranquility of the sea and warm hospitality of the city, and the warm Loreto Mexico weather makes every day a beach day.

  • Ensenada Blanca Beach
  • Oasis Beach
  • Nopolo Beach
  • La Negrita Beach
  • Agua Verde Beach
  • Juncalito Beach

Typical Costs

AccommodationLoreto Mexico hotels vary from budget-friendly suites to grand resorts. All-inclusive dining and entertainment at Loreto resorts will cut down on your food and transportation costs while traveling. 

Food – Meals at Loreto restaurants can cost you as little as $5USD each and still feature authentic Mexican food and fresh seafood. Some of the tastiest things to do in Loreto are visiting the local brewery to sample craft beers and trying a variety of local Loreto restaurants. 

Transportation – Whether you’re headed to a Loreto golf course or to a downtown restaurant, you’ll need to hire transportation at some point. Since Loreto isn’t a large city, your best option is a local taxi. Depending on your destination, taxis range from $10-$20USD. If you’re wanting to explore different areas around Loreto, renting a car can give you more freedom and mobility.

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