family traditions for easter sunday

Regardless of whether or not you happen to be religious, there is no denying that Easter Sunday is a terrific time for the whole family to gather together and celebrate the holiday and some of its most popular traditions. While Easter is obviously rooted in Christianity, it has evolved into a holiday that many non-Christians take part in as well. Families can make the most of Easter by adopting the traditions they appreciate most and making them their own.

Here are some of the most common family traditions to enjoy on Easter Sunday:

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Children always love to help and get involved, especially with crafty things, which makes this an activity that the whole family will appreciate. With so many different color combinations and dyeing techniques to choose from, everyone will feel inspired to get creative. Most families prefer to dye Easter eggs the day before so they are ready to be stashed by the Easter Bunny.

Easter Egg Hunt

This is often the highlight of Easter for kids, when they head outdoors (weather permitting!) or around the house to search for the various Easter eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden around. For some families, this can be a fierce competition, while others just delight in each other’s company as they work together to find every last egg. It is common for families to hide plastic eggs that can hold treasures ranging from candy to money, making the hunt even more exciting.

Easter Baskets

Children look forward to receiving their Easter Baskets almost as much as they do stockings and presents for Christmas. Most parents tell their kids that the Easter Bunny delivers the basket overnight while they are asleep, and when they wake up, they have all sorts of treats waiting for them. Candy is the most common basket filler, with Cadbury Cream Eggs, Peeps, marshmallow bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs and jelly beans being popular choices. Some parents include other gifts such as stuffed animals, especially chicks or bunnies, in the basket as well.

Easter Feast

Whether your family enjoys going out for a special Easter brunch or preparing a feast to dine upon at home, eating is a very important part of any Easter celebration. Many brunch options include breakfast foods, especially anything egg-based, while Easter meals served in the afternoon or evening often center around roast lamb, beef or ham. One particular specialty, hot cross buns, has long been associated with the holiday because of the cross displayed over the top of the spiced buns.

If you don’t already have any family traditions in place for Easter Sunday, start some with your loved ones this year for holiday memories you will treasure forever!

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