pair of shades for summer vacations

No doubt one of the hardest working and most versatile accessories you own are your sunglasses. From taking an outfit from so-so to great, to hiding the dark circles under your eyes that show you had a late night, shades truly are a daily essential. Of course, their most important role is to protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the damage that UV rays can cause. So, how should you go about finding the perfect pair of shades for your summer vacation? Tracking down a pair that makes your feel attractive and confident may seem overwhelming with so many styles to choose from, but thankfully there are some tricks that can help you narrow down your search from the very beginning. Once you know which sunglass style works best with your face shape, you can save lots of time in your quest for the perfect pair of shades.

Determine Your Face Shape

Thankfully, it is quite simple to figure out your face shape. First, ensure you pull your hair back off of your face, then trace your face’s outline with a bar of soap, lipstick or a dry erase marker onto the mirror you are facing. When you are finished, compare the shape that you traced with the face shapes listed below. After reviewing which styles of shades will complement your face shape, you will be armed with all of the information you need for your next shopping trip for sunglasses.


A heart-shaped face tapers down to a narrow point along the jawline and will look phenomenal in sunglasses with frames that are wider on the top than at the bottom. Styles of sunnies including Cat Eye, Sporty and Wayfarer-style frames are all great choices for you.


Widest across the cheekbones and a bit narrower around the forehead and jawline, a round face will benefit from angular, oversized or rectangular shades in styles like Square, Wayfarer-style and Cat Eye, all of which can lend a sleek appearance.


If you were blessed with an oval face, which is longer than it is wide, you are lucky enough to be able to rock lots of different styles of shades. You may find that square and round frames such as Aviators and Wayfarer-style are especially flattering. Be aware that proportions are important for your face shape, with sunglasses that are too small or too oversized potentially looking silly.


A square face has wide cheekbones, a wide forehead and a strong jawline, and sunglasses with rimless edges or soft edges will counterbalance your angular facial structure. Shade styles such as Round, Shield and Aviator will make the most of your striking features.

Although you could spend countless hours trying on shades, looking to find the perfect pair, you won’t need to anymore now that you know which styles will suit your face shape! When packing for you upcoming summer vacation, don’t forget to bring at least one or two pairs of the perfect sunglasses so that overly sunny days don’t get in the way of pure enjoyment.

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