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One of the most refreshing treats on a sunny day on your Mexico vacations is agua fresca, or flavored water. Agua fresca is a staple in the Mexican diet and is served at almost every small restaurant and even on small carts vendors push around. Agua fresca refers to the type of naturally flavored water that is created with the fresh fruits, herbs, and sometimes vegetables found in Mexico. The natural sweetness of the ingredients and incredibly delicious combinations makes the fruit flavored water light and refreshing. On your next trip to Mexico, enjoy the benefit of flavored waters, try a variety of flavors,and discover how to make flavored water in your own kitchen at home.

Hydration is by far the most important benefit of flavored waters, especially because the weather in Mexico is hot and many people do not drink the recommended quantity of natural water every day. Given that water is one of the main components in the human body, making up a whopping 60% of the body’s mass, not drinking enough can have negative effects on your overall health. When taking a trip to Mexico, you may find yourself dehydrated from overexposure to the sun and because you’ll probably be more active than you typically are at home. The benefit of flavored waters, especially if you tend not to drink enough fluids naturally, is that their sweet and light flavors encourage people to drink more, allowing them to stay hydrated–which is often easily overlooked on vacation. The addition of pulp and fruits also delivers vitamins and minerals that are good for your wellbeing.

Glass of jamaica water

Depending on your personal preference and seasonal availability, there are countless fruit flavored water options. On your Mexico vacations, you’ll probably try jamaica (hibiscus), melón (cantaloupe), or limón con chia (lime with chia) water at restaurants and local taco stands. You’ll also find agua de Horchata, a cinnamon rice water that is quite popular, agua de piña (pineapple), and exquisite combinations, such as piña yerbabuena (pineapple with mint), pepino limón (cucumber lime), and albahaca limón (lime with basil). Drinking a naturally flavored water is the perfect accompaniment to the spicy flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine and a healthier alternative to sodas and alcohol on vacation.

Learning how to make flavored water is surprisingly simple and much less complicated or time consuming than juicing. When you make it yourself, you can see all the ingredients that go in, leaving out any nasty chemicals and preservatives. As you learn how to make flavored water, you can experiment with different combinations to make each unique and you can even give it a personalized flavored water by adding as much or as little sugar as you’d like. You can also create naturally flavored detox water at home for a delicious cleanse.

Making flavored water

The best part of making fruit flavored water at home is that it won’t contain any of the chemicals and preservatives of store bought juices, and it’s healthier. Store-bought juices remove the pulp in most cases. Without the pulp, the body processes the natural sugar in the juice much faster, leaving you with a sugar high and a quick crash. Flavored water keeps the pulp, allowing your body to digest the sugar slower with the help of the fibers in the pulp.

To make naturally flavored water, combine one cup of chopped fresh fruits (pineapple, orange, melons, or berries), one cup of water, and a teaspoon of sugar or other sweetener depending on which fruits you choose, in a blender. Like a smoothie, blend until you have a smooth puree and add more water to achieve your desired consistency. Additions of fresh mint leaves, chia seeds, or a small amount of lime juice can add a unique flavor and texture. For a naturally flavored detox water, add ginger, cinnamon, or cayenne pepper to any fruit combination. When you experiment with new combinations, you can create your own personalized naturally flavored detox water that will encourage you to stay hydrated and free of toxins.

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Flavored water is a natural and delicious way to drink more water. Whether you’re on your Mexico vacations or at home, hydration is essential to overall wellness, and the ease and simplicity of making naturally flavored water make it simple to enjoy every day.

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