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Adventurers and travelers have sought out hidden gems and beaches around the world, finding inspiration in their sheer beauty. While some of the best beaches in the world are tucked thousands of miles away, you can reach one of the most stunning Mexico beaches on your next vacation. Las Islas Marietas, or the Marietas Islands, hold a hidden beach tucked away from the eyes of the world. Flight Network, one of Canada’s top travel websites, rated Islas Marietas and their hidden beach as one of the best beaches in the world. Those who journey to the hidden beach are intrigued by its unique formation and tropical beauty.

These islands were formed from volcanic activity just off the shores of the stunning Mexico beaches thousands of years ago, but the caves that give the island some of the best beaches in Mexico were created in the past century. Despite being so close to Riviera Nayarit, these beaches were and remain uninhabited, which made them a site for government testing of explosive devices. After outcry from conservationists prevailed, the testing stopped and the hidden beach was revealed. One of the explosions created a hole in one of the islands that peers down into a cave that holds a secret beach. With white sands and crystal blue waters, this hidden beach is one of the most unique and beautiful Mexico beaches.

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Today, this hidden beach is known as “Playa de Amor”–the beach of love. Flight Network rated it 10/10 for its untouched beauty and remoteness, noting that it receives 299 days of sunshine annually with an average temperature of 77℉. Most of the hidden beach hides from the world within the cave, shaded by a grass-covered dome whose hole lets light in to reflect off the blue water. The Islas Marietas are now officially protected by the Mexican government, and fishing and human activity are limited in order to preserve the natural environment. The tranquility and preservation of the beach makes it one of the best beaches for a family vacation. With only a limited number of people allowed on the beach at one time, it’s safe from crowds and roaring jet skies but holds unparalleled scenery in its intimate setting.

The best beaches for a family vacation let your children explore the natural habitats of marine wildlife in a safe environment. Here, your children can encounter the blue-footed boobies that helped make the Galapagos Islands world famous and other tropical birds, like egrets, sea gulls, and pelicans. Around the islands, exotic fish swim among vibrant coral formations, and dolphins, turtles, and manta ray play in the natural habitat, and your children can feel the magic of the ocean when they jump nearby. If you’re there in the first couple months of the year, you can spot humpback whales splashing with their calves just off the shore.

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The natural habitat of these animals is protected by the government to preserve its beauty and keep it clean and safe. To see the wildlife and scenery that give the islands some of the best beaches for a family vacation, you’ll want to book your tour early since limited amounts of people can visit daily. With Vallarta Adventures, you can take a scenic walk along one of the best beaches in Mexico, sheltered by the cave. Eco Tours will teach you more about the biodiversity of the Marietas islands. Each day, access to the beach is limited, so make your reservations in advance for a morning trip if you want to walk along one of the best beaches in the world.

The best beaches in Mexico are just a plane ride away in Riviera Nayarit, where the sun glistens off the blue waters along white sands. Explore the striking formations that hide the hidden beach of the Marietas islands and take a walk underneath the domed cave ceiling along one of the world’s hidden beaches, feeling like you’re in another world with the exotic birds and marine life that call the islands home.

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