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As the countdown to Christmas begins and wish lists are being shared, many events and get-togethers are being canceled, leaving families wondering how is Christmas celebrated when they’re apart from each other. Despite the worries and anxieties of the year, a little creativity and hope will give you a perfect Christmas. While the holidays will look a little different this year, it’s a time to start new Christmas celebration traditions that follow holiday safety tips. To stay safe this Christmas, use these ideas for activities and practices that will keep you socially distanced and healthy.

1. Be Prepared and Extra Careful

Before your Christmas celebration, you need to make a plan for who you’ll see and how you’ll quarantine. If you are getting together with family outside your household, there are a few Christmas safety tips to follow. First, agree as a family whom you will be seeing, and limit these gatherings as much as possible. Together, have everyone agree on some quarantine guidelines and holiday safety tips to abide by in the weeks leading up to the holidays. While you won’t be able to have a large Christmas celebration, you can stay safe this Christmas by gathering with fewer family members.

2. Use Technology

Thanks to video calls and modern technology, you can still spend the holidays with family and friends who are farther away. When it comes to how is Christmas celebrated with video calling, get creative, and find some holiday games to play virtually. Have everyone print off some BINGO sheets, and award the winners with digital gift cards, or create a holiday themed trivia game. Have a Christmas baking night, and let Grandma share her secrets for the perfect sugar cookie. Whether the whole family is on the call or just a few friends, having an activity prepared will keep everyone engaged and add a touch of cheer to the call. By gathering virtually instead of in person, you’ll be following the most recommended holiday safety tips. 

3. Video Chat with Santa

This year, there are several options for having a live video call with the North Pole. This is an extra special way to give kids a perfect Christmas without leaving your house. These calls can be personalized so that Santa knows whether your child has gotten great grades or has made their bed every day. Because these Santas have different ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and languages, even ASL, this may be a tradition that lasts through the years.

4. Order Online and Shop Local

To stay safe this Christmas while exchanging gifts, opt to order online or ship packages with the post office. For small businesses, a perfect Christmas is when you shop local, and most stores have options for shipping and curbside pick up. Shopping local helps support your local community and businesses that have suffered losses this year, and if you can visit their webpages or call in an order, you’ll be able to follow more Christmas safety tips. 

5. Go Christmas Caroling

Christmas caroling is a popular tradition that many haven’t tried in a while, and if you stay at least six feet away, you can walk around your neighborhood or drive to friends’ homes to bring them tidings of comfort and joy. While it may be tempting to hug them or pop inside to warm up, keeping your distance lets both you and your loved ones stay safe this Christmas

This year, your ideas for how is Christmas celebrated may need to change a bit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a magical holiday. While following Christmas safety tips, you can carol, bake cookies, and even visit Santa Claus. These ideas will make your holidays merry and bright, and you may even find a new tradition to continue year after year.

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