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The latest coronavirus travel update has announced the reopening of hotels in many destinations around the world, and while you’ll be able to return to your favorite vacation spot, things may look a little different. As world health experts learn more about coronavirus preventive measures, hotels and resorts are implementing new policies to keep both guests and employees safe and secure. While you’ll likely notice many of these new safety measures in hotels, they’re subtle so that you can still relax in comfort as you travel. If you’ve been making plans and wondering are hotels safe yet, learning about these new policies will help put your mind at ease. 

Arriving at the Hotel

Social distancing measures are key for how to stay safe from coronavirus, and for that reason, new safety measures in hotels are designed to minimize the contact between employees and guests, starting when you pull up at the front of the hotel. Many hotels are no longer making valet parking available to protect both their employees and guests. Additionally, bellhop service may not be available, but there will be plenty of luggage carts to help you get your bags to your rooms. These carts are regularly wiped down after each use by cleaning staff to keep germs from spreading. 

Checking into the Hotel

There are several hotel safety tips that check-in desks are using to promote social distancing measures and minimize contact. One of the most advanced forms of coronavirus preventive measures is mobile check in, which allows you to check-in without heading to the front desk and to use your phone as an electronic door key. One of the more simple hotel safety tips is using a chip and pin reader rather than passing a credit card from guest to staff member. Many front desks are also being installed with plexiglass shields to protect receptionists, and throughout the lobby, you’ll probably be able to spot hand sanitizer dispensers and signs with information about social distancing measures, advising you to keep your distance when queuing in line.


When the first coronavirus travel update shut down tourism, many hotels took advantage of this time without guests to do a deep disinfectant cleaning. Now that travel has reopened, cleanliness continues to be one of the main things you hear about for how to stay safe from coronavirus, and while housekeeping has always been a fundamental part of any resort, you may notice more cleaning going on throughout the day. One of the main coronavirus preventive measures will be sanitizing commonly touched surfaces, like doorknobs, desks, lightswitches, and TV remotes. The staff will also be increasing their usual cleaning of common areas and using products that kill viruses. As hotels look to keep everyone safe and secure, some suites may look a little different. Decorative pillows, bed scarves, pens, and notepads may no longer be placed in rooms since they’re harder to keep sanitized. To protect staff members, fewer cleanings will be done on rooms with guests staying multiple nights, but there will be a deep disinfectant cleaning of every suite between guests. 

Communal Spaces

One reason many people may wonder are hotels safe is the other guests. In your favorite resorts, you’ll want to be able to access the restaurants, pools, and fitness centers that make your vacation special, but with new safety measures in hotels, accessing common areas may be a little different. Many resorts are requesting that guests reserve a time to use pools and gym in an effort to limit the number of people using the areas at a time. At restaurants, one of the best ways for how to stay safe from coronavirus is to leave tables empty between diners, and while many resorts are taking this approach, some are limited to room service. If you do order room service, your meal will be placed on a cart outside your room and not directly handed to you.

As each new coronavirus travel update announces a new destination opening, resorts are doing their part to make sure everyone is safe and secure so that guests don’t have to wonder are hotels safe. By following hotel safety tips from world health experts, both local staff members and travelers will be able to sleep soundly at night as these resorts do their part to prevent the spread of the virus.

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