Halloween isn’t just for kids. When you know how to plan a Halloween party for adults, the festivities of the season live on, and as the weather turns cold, getting friends and family together makes the season special. As you start to think about what to do at a Halloween party and what to wear for Halloween, let these Halloween party ideas inspire you, and because there’s such a variety for Halloween party decorations and themes, every party will be unique.

Create a Theme with Halloween Party Decorations

When it comes to how to throw a Halloween party, you want your bash to have all the classic elements of the holiday while staying unique. Through your Halloween party decorations, you can stylize your party with a custom theme.

  • Fall Festival: As you think about how to plan a Halloween party for adults, you may decide to go with a more general fall theme. For a fall festival, decorate your home with pumpkins and gourds. Fill vases with red and orange leaves, and light plenty of candles for a warm glow. If you’re planning on spending the evening outside, consider getting some bales of hay for guests to sit on with warm blankets.
  • Spooky Spectacular: The classic Halloween party ideas have witches and ghosts, spiders and cauldrons. If you’re wanting classic ideas for how to throw a Halloween party, decorate your house in black and orange with fake spiders and cobwebs set up all around. Cut some bats out of black paper, and hang up some crime scene tape.
  • Haunted House: When it comes to how to plan a Halloween party for adults, you can use Halloween party ideas that bring out horror and fright. A simple way to do this is with some old curtains or cloth. Take red paint, and create handprints along the fabric to hang in your house. Spooky hockey masks and skulls will shock your guests, and for a hint of The Shining, use lipstick to write “Redrum” on the bathroom mirror.
  • Halloween Birthday Party: If you have an October or November birthday, throw a Halloween birthday party with a creepy cake, and play pin the wart on the witch. Decorate with black streamers and orange balloons.

Make a Plan for What to do at a Halloween Party

The next step for how to throw a Halloween party is to come up with some unique activities and games. With these ideas for what to do at a Halloween party, your night will be a hit.

  • Costume Contest: If you want your guests to spend time thinking about what to wear for Halloween, elect some judges for a costume contest.
  • Bobbing for Apples: This is a classic fall tradition that’s still a challenge for many.
  • Halloween Trivia: Test your knowledge of classic Halloween myths, movies, and songs with rounds of trivia.
  • Spooky Charades: Charades is a classic party game, and with a Halloween theme, your guests will be acting out witches, werewolves, and jack-o-lanterns.

Serve Spooky Halloween Party Food

To make your party one to remember, serve festive Halloween party food and drinks, like mummy hot dogs, made by wrapping hot dogs with strips of crescent-roll dough before cooking them in the oven. You can also serve cups of dirt: pudding with crushed up Oreos and gummy worms. Decorate cookies with orange frosting and plastic spiders, and for a fall theme, make sure your Halloween party food includes plenty of pumpkin treats. 

Whether you’ve spent all year planning out what to wear for Halloween or if you’re just looking for something new to spice up the season, throwing a Halloween party is the best way to bring friends together for a festive night of costumes and games. From a fall festival to a Halloween birthday party, these ideas will make your night unique, and your guests will be talking about the bash for days.

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