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Lately, it seems like you can’t turn on the news without hearing about disasters, terror, and crime all over the world, which has many people wondering “Is it safe to travel to Mexico?” While there is a Mexico travel advisory from the US State Department, the Mexico travel warning is long, and the answer is much more complex than one might think. First, your safety in Mexico depends on where you travel to, and second, following Mexico travel tips will help you avoid problems when you’re there. Like any other place in the world, crime can happen at any time. However, making wise choices will help keep you safe and enjoy a lovely vacation in paradise as you sink your toes into the warm sand and sip a cool margarita.

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There are many cities to travel to in Mexico that are safe even according to the travel advisory Mexico has from the US, and these are the popular tourist destinations where you’ll find stunning scenery, exciting adventures, warm hospitality, and a friendly environment. There is no travel warning Mexico Puerto Vallarta, for Cabo, Riviera Nayarit, Loreto, or for Cancun, which the US government points out on their Mexico travel advisory website. In cities like these, the economy is dependent on tourism, so local officials and police forces work hard to make these popular destinations in Mexico safe for families and international travelers. As you choose which tropical shores to travel to, read through any specific Mexico travel warning for that destination and you’ll likely find that the places you want to visit are those that are considered very safe for travelers.

There are some destinations that tourists may wish to avoid given a travel advisory Mexico has earned. The travel alerts Mexico has received recently have been related to increased violence in border towns to the north and crime in capital cities. Most of this crime is between local gangs battling for control of the streets and drug trafficking, battles which don’t target foreign tourists. However, there is no such travel warning Mexico Puerto Vallarta or other popular vacation destinations have received. So if you’re wondering is it safe to travel to Mexico, the answer largely hinges on which part of the diverse country you’re going to visit. Keep in mind that Mexico is a large country and the Mexican states themselves cover vast territory. If you are traveling to Puerto Vallarta for example, you may see a Mexico travel advisory for the state of Jalisco, which is where Puerto Vallarta is located. If you read the details of the Mexico travel warning, you’ll find that the dangerous areas are situated closer to the state’s capital, Guadalajara, which is at least a five-hour drive from the shores of PV. Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the safest cities in the country and has been for quite some time.

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However, it’s important to remember that whether you’re in your hometown or a tropical beach in Mexico, crime can happen anywhere, so it’s important to stay aware of travel alerts Mexico posts and follow Mexico travel tips. According to the Mexico travel warning, it’s safest to stick to the main tourist areas of a town. Wandering away from the resorts, beaches, and restaurants can lead to where more local crime is. Additionally, the Mexico travel advisory states that visitors should not be flashy with money or jewelry, which could make them an easy target for theft. Keep valuables locked in your hotel safe, and don’t carry large amounts of cash. One of the most important Mexico travel tips is to exercise extra caution as you’re sipping on margaritas and going out at night. Drinking can impair your judgment, and more crime occurs after dark, so make sure to use Uber and taxis to get around at night. Following these guidelines and staying aware of travel alerts Mexico posts will let you focus on playing with your kids on the beach and eating delicious Mexican food on vacation.

So, is it safe to travel to Mexico? Yes, but pay attention to any travel advisory Mexico receives for your specific destination, and practice caution no matter where you are. Read all about the travel warning Mexico Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Cancun or any other city before you arrive, and then you can feel safe as you explore the beaches and experience the incredible tours each city offers.

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