New Year 2021

As you get ready for the New Year’s Eve countdown, you may want to try something new to mark the arrival of January 1. By asking “What are some Mexican traditions?”, you’ll find new ways to celebrate and add luck to the new year. While these Mexican New Year traditions may not necessarily change the outcome of the year, they’re a good way to set the right tone and positive intentions for the year. For a touch of fun to end the year, add these Mexican New Year’s traditions to your festivities.

Lucky Underwear

One of the most unique Mexican holidays and traditions will bring good luck to you, but it all depends on your underwear. Make sure to have a brand new pair to put on December 31, and the color will determine what sort of luck you’ll have. According to Mexican New Year traditions, red will bring you love, but wear yellow for wealth. Green protects your health, and white will give you peace. While these Mexico New Year’s Eve beliefs may not change what happens throughout the year, it can be your way to set an intention and resolution.

Good Luck Items For New Year

Bringing out the Suitcase

Some of the Mexico New Year’s Eve celebrations might look a little odd in other countries, but they’re a fun way to do something different this year. At midnight, families celebrating Mexican holidays and traditions will bring out their suitcases and run around the block with them. The idea behind this tradition is that it will fill your year with travel and adventure. Since your suitcase will be out, you can spend January 1 browsing travel deals to tropical locations. 

Burning the Old Year Away

This is perhaps one of the strangest Mexican New Year traditions, and it’s only done in southern parts of the country. To finish off the year, families will burn small figures of old men who represent that past. With them burnt away, families are ready to kick off the new year and welcome in luck.

Sweep out the Past

Cleaning the house is a common part of New Year’s traditions around the world, and you’ll see a similar practice if you look for what are some Mexican traditions. As the year ends, sweep all the dirt and dust out from the center of the house, sweeping it straight out the door. This will give you a clean and fresh start to the year. 

Twelve Grapes by Midnight

Some of the traditions on Mexico New Year’s Eve are common throughout Latin America, and in many countries, everyone will rush to eat 12 grapes in the last minutes of the year. Like other New Year’s traditions, finishing the grapes will bring you good luck in the coming year, and it’s one of the holiday activities that takes very little planning or prep.

Celebrating Mexican holidays and traditions helps you learn how another culture celebrates the season, and it adds extra festiveness to your holiday party. Choosing a few of the options from this list of what are some Mexican traditions will make your New Year’s Eve memorable and hopefully bring you some good luck in the coming year.

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