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The past year has been filled with travel changes and cancellations, but as time has passed, the majority of Mexico COVID travel restrictions have been lifted. However, the world is not out of the woods yet. As you make vacation plans, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest Mexico travel advisory. Use this information to understand if travel to Mexico is restricted and what guidelines you should follow.

Is Travel to Mexico Restricted?

Because there is travel to Mexico restricted in some cases, you’ll want to check all your travel arrangements. For the most current Mexico travel advisory, visit the U.S. Department of State’s website, where you’ll be able to read about the safety of each individual state. You’ll notice that the only restrictions apply to government employees, and while some areas have more risks, private citizens are free to travel where they choose. 

Do I Need a COVID Test to Fly to Mexico?

Many countries around the world require anyone entering their border to present negative test results for COVID, which has travelers asking “Do I need a COVID test to fly to Mexico?” The current Mexico COVID travel restrictions do not include this rule. You will not need to get tested to travel to Mexico, but depending on your country’s regulations, you’ll likely need one before returning home. Travelers from the U.S. and Canada will need to get tested within 72 hours of their departing flights. If you’re wondering “Should I get the COVID vaccine?”, it will significantly decrease your chances of contracting the virus on vacation and being prevented from returning home.

What are the Current Mexico COVID Travel Restrictions?

If you look at where travel to Mexico is restricted, you’ll see that nonessential border crossings by land from Mexico into the US are restricted. Travelers returning home or entering for work, education, or medical reasons can cross the land border into the U.S. However, there are no restrictions to enter into Mexico by land or by air, and U.S. citizens who drive into Mexico for a road trip will always be allowed to return home.

Where are Safe Destinations in Mexico?

Because there are no restrictions, travelers are once again vacationing in paradise along Mexico’s coast, but as you look at the Mexico travel advisory, you’ll see that some cities are safer than others for tourists. The communities in the main tourist destinations, like Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta, go out of their way to make visitors feel safe and welcomed, and throughout the past year, they’ve implemented safety measures to protect both their cities and guests. Your safety depends partly on your willingness to follow sanitation and social distancing guidelines, and as you consider “Should I get the COVID vaccine?”, be aware of how it can help you protect the local communities you visit. 

With travel resuming and restrictions being lifted, one of the most common questions is “Do I need a COVID test to fly to Mexico?” While there are no travel restrictions for visiting Mexico, you’ll want to do your part to ensure the health and safety of those around you. If you’ve been asking yourself “Should I get the COVID vaccine?”, talk to your doctor, and take the appropriate steps before coming. Once you’re here, enjoy the fresh ocean breeze while you follow sanitation and social distancing guidelines.

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