Fun on paddle boarding

If you’ve never been on top of a paddle board in the middle of the water, than you’re not only missing out on the benefits of paddle boarding, but also on the incredible feeling that comes with gliding atop the surface of the water in some of the world’s most calming settings. While you can practice paddle boarding anywhere where there is a body of water, the popular sport is the best workout for vacation, especially if you’re headed to the sunny shores of Mexico. If you are looking for how to workout on vacation, but you don’t want to lose valuable time exploring the destination, follow these holiday workout tips for paddle board excursions and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, more energized self.

Beginner Paddle Board Classes Are Not Required

Kids having fun on paddle board

While taking advantage of beginner paddle board classes at your resort is a great way to begin what is likely to become a love for the sport, it isn’t a necessity. It is just as easy to grab a paddle board rental and head off into the water to learn at your own speed. As one of the most unique holiday workout ideas, many travelers find that they feel the urge to get in the water, but can’t always fit in a beginner paddle board lesson, especially because most are in the morning. On your vacation, go with the flow and paddle board whenever you find time.

The Whole Body Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Most experts who give fitness tips for vacation would agree that when traveling, the best way to stay in shape is to participate in activities that keep you active and that provide an all body workout at the same time. Paddle boarding is by far the best workout for vacation if you’re looking to engage your whole body. As you balance on the board and paddle your way around, you not only engage your entire core, but you also utilize almost every muscle in your arms, legs, back, and behind. If you make it part of your holiday workout plan, you can get a full body workout in every day while still having time to enjoy the natural beauty of your destination.

A Holiday Workout Plan for the Whole Family

One of the best holiday workout tips for families traveling with small children is to find ways to incorporate your children in your holiday workout plan. If you can’t figure out how to work out on vacation with your kids in tow, paddle boarding may be your best option. Because it is so easy to grab a paddle board rental for each member of your family or if your kids are small, sit them on your board as you paddle out, you can fit in a thorough workout without complicating everyone’s schedule.

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The Benefits of Paddle Boarding Early in the Morning

Figuring out how to work out on vacation can be complicated, especially later in the day after you’ve already spent hours in the sun or may have had a drink or two by the pool. One of the most useful fitness tips for vacation is to fit a morning paddle board session into your holiday workout plan. Not only will there be less competition for a paddle board rental, but you’ll also get your workout routine done and out of the way so that you can spend the rest of your day indulging in the luxuries of your resort or the splendor of your destination.

Paddle boarding is without a doubt the best workout for vacation and with these holiday workout tips, you’ll thoroughly enjoy your time on the water.


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