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The reopening of popular Mexico tourist destinations has been a gradual process, as local officials and businesses owners have listened to every new Mexico coronavirus update and researched the best preventive measures for travelers. All Mexico beach destinations have been modifying their tourism plans to align with advice from world health experts so that the lifting of coronavirus travel bans won’t cause an increase in cases. With these safety plans and precautionary measures in place, Mexico tourism resumes this summer, and travelers can once again enjoy escaping to the beauty and tranquility of Mexico beach destinations.

According to a recent Mexico coronavirus update, the majority of Mexico tourist destinations passed through the peak of the pandemic in May. Thanks to early preventive measures, including the closure of many resorts, beaches, and public spaces and the enforcement of coronavirus travel bans, the country did not see as many cases or fatalities as the US. Because there are still a few cases diagnosed each day and because the reopening of Mexico tourism has the potential to open the doors to infected travelers, community and health leaders are taking steps to protect their cities’ citizens and guests, and it’s only with a strict tourism reopening plan in place that coronavirus travel bans can be lifted and resorts can welcome travelers back, a necessary step in protecting local economies.

Limited Occupancy

As travel ban updates announce the reopening of Mexico tourist destinations, one of the keys to fighting the Coronavirus is social distancing, and to do this, airlines and resorts will be keeping occupancy rates low. While the Mexico travel ban updates still restrict land crossings at the border, travelers are free to move between countries via planes. When you fly, you’ll notice significantly fewer passengers, and this isn’t just because people aren’t sure if it is safe to travel to Mexico. Airlines are keeping seats open to allow travelers to social distance themselves onboard. You’ll also notice fewer other guests in resorts since low occupancy rates are a strategic part of the Mexico tourism reopening plan. However, this will give you more space to safely enjoy lounging in the pool and dining on authentic Mexican cuisine. 

Preventive Measures

Before the Mexico travel ban is lifted from resorts, they must have a set of preventive measures prepared that align with the most recent Mexico coronavirus update and advice from world health experts. These plans include everything from requiring guests to reserve a time to use the resorts’ gym facilities to providing staff with freshly laundered uniforms to change into when they arrive at work. Creating a detailed tourism reopening plan holds each resort responsible for answering the question “Is it safe to travel to Mexico?” Before booking a stay in paradise, be sure to read all the details about the preventive measures your resort is implementing.

Disinfectant Cleanings

One of the details in all tourism plans for reopening is using hospital-grade disinfectants to fight the potential spread of the virus. Many planes will be grounded for an additional amount of time between flights to go through a stricter disinfectant cleaning. During these cleanings, airlines, as well as resorts and restaurants, will be focusing on commonly touched surfaces, like doorknobs and lightswitches. During your resort stay, you’ll notice the staff performing these cleanings throughout the day, not just in the mornings, and you’ll also see antibacterial hand gel available throughout the resort’s facilities. However, there may be fewer in-suite cleanings for travelers who are staying multiple nights to limit contact between employees and guests, and while this may have you wondering is it safe to travel to Mexico, be assured that all rooms undergo a detailed disinfectant between guests. 

The most recent travel ban updates show that your favorite Mexico beach destinations are ready to welcome back travelers, as business owners and community leaders are closely following coronavirus news to track the spread of the disease. Even as the Mexico travel ban is lifted, ensuring the continued health and safety of both travelers and locals is the priority. With these precautionary and preventive measures in place, people can start to safely make their tourism plans for summer vacation.

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