Holidays in Spring

The arrival of spring and the warming weather brings about a number of global holidays to celebrate, and as the year gets busy, it’s important to mark your spring 2021 calendar with these holidays. Celebrating spring holidays and marking each day will make your year more festive and exciting!

Holidays in April 2021

Happy Easter

These spring holidays start the season off with a little silliness and joy, celebrating the arrival of new life.

April Fool’s Day

Be a little skeptical on the first of April because on this day, people around the world play pranks on each other. April Fool’s Day is the first of all the holidays in April 2021, and its origins go back hundreds of years with stories and jokes across Europe. While it’s one of the most unique global holidays, you want to make sure your pranks and hoaxes are harmless and good spirited.


This year, the holidays in April 2021 include Easter, but the holiday sometimes falls in March since it’s based on the Jewish calendar. It’s one of the biggest global holidays, celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians around the world. Whether you attend an Easter service or participate in an egg hunt, there are plenty of fun ways to mark this day and celebrate new life. 

Earth Day

When you look at what holidays are in spring, you’ll see that they celebrate the arrival of new life throughout the natural world, and there’s no holiday better for this than Earth Day. On March 22, communities gather to discuss solutions to environmental problems, take political action, and get out into nature. This year, spend the day outside and watch an educational documentary to learn about how you can protect the environment. 

Holidays in May 2021

As you turn the pages of your spring calendar, the holidays in May get more festive but are just as meaningful.

Cinco de Mayo

Mexican holidays and traditions have spread around the world, and activists in the US in the 1970s worked to bring Cinco de Mayo to their country to celebrate Mexican heritage. Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, a historic win against the invading French army. Learning about the history of Mexican holidays and traditions and cooking up some authentic dishes will make this holiday extra festive.

Mother’s Day

The second Sunday in May needs to be marked on your spring calendar because it celebrates some of the most important women: moms. Mother’s Day is a holiday to spend time together as a family and shower moms with love and appreciation. From breakfast and bed to bouquets of spring flowers, there’s a million ways to show you care. On the spring 2021 calendar, Mother’s Day is May 9.

Memorial Day

The holidays in May end with Memorial Day, a federal US holiday to honor and mourn members of the military who died in service to the country. Memorial Day is always on the last Monday in May, and on the spring 2021 calendar, it falls on May 31. Communities and schools across the country mark this day with ceremonies, and during the morning, flags will be lowered to half mast. 

2021 June Holidays

Fathers Day

The spring calendar comes to an end in June, but before the season’s over, there are a few more holidays to celebrate. These June holidays are incredibly meaningful for families and communities, and with the warm weather, it’s time to celebrate outside. 

Juneteenth Day

As the world begins to learn more about the history of slavery and racism in the US, more people have started to celebrate Juneteenth, one of the lesser-known June holidays but an important one, a day the commemorates the end of slavery. After the emancipation proclamation, laws began to spread across the south, formally abolishing slavery. Today, this freedom is celebrated with BBQs, street fairs, and family reunions.

Father’s Day

This global holiday celebrates fathers and paternal figures, honoring their love and support in families on the third Sunday in June. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 20, and the weekend is the perfect time to grill outside and spend the day together as a family. Whether you give gifts or spend the day doing what dad loves, make it a day that shows dad how much you love and appreciate all he does every day of the year. 

From religious holidays to historical celebrations and Mexican holidays and traditions, the spring is full of excitement, and with every turn of a page in the calendar, you’ll find more to celebrate. These spring holidays celebrate new life in communities and in the natural world around us, and the warming weather makes celebrating outside the perfect way to spend the season.

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