With schools finishing up their years and days getting longer, it’s finally time for summer vacation. This year, vaccination rates are increasing, and families and friends are having long-anticipated cookouts, parties, and vacations. After months spent indoors, jetting off to tropical shores and exploring Mexican culture is more exciting than ever. Even though life is returning to normal, there are still a few things to consider when deciding where to go for summer vacation, especially to find safe places to travel in Mexico. Let these summer vacation ideas 2021 inspire your next safe and exciting getaway.

Where to Go for Summer Vacation

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There are so many safe places to travel in Mexico that have become popular with international visitors over the years. Cities like Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Nayarit, and Puerto Vallarta have all the luxuries of a world-class seaside destination while still maintaining their local charm and culture. They’re some of the safest tourist destinations in Mexico with very low crime rates, and the local communities are warm and welcoming. Because summer is considered the slow season for tourism in these coastal towns, you’ll be able to take advantage of lower prices on all-inclusive vacation packages, flights, and tours, making the beaches of Mexico the top choice for where to go for summer vacation.

Having a Safe Summer Vacation

One of the most important summer vacation ideas 2021 is to pay attention to travel warnings and follow all guidelines in your destination. As more and more people are traveling, even the safest tourist destinations in Mexico will still be implementing preventive protocols to make sure everyone stays healthy this summer. Before booking your resort, read about the health and safety procedures, and check the number of cases in your destination before traveling. To find safe places to travel in Mexico, look for certifications like the Safe Travel Stamp, an international certification that several destinations have received for their ongoing commitment to health and safety. Following all rules and guidelines will keep you healthy, and if you’re traveling back to the US or Canada, you’ll need to get a COVID test done before your return flight home.

What to Do for Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are best spent outdoors, and pictures of running down the beach and swimming in a pool will fill your family’s memories when you travel to Mexico this summer. In most Mexican coastal destinations, like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Loreto, you’ll find a variety of options for outdoor adventures and tours that are perfect for your whole family. Some of the best summer vacation ideas 2021 has include snorkeling, kayaking, beach volleyball, paddle boarding and hiking, activities that also showcase the natural beauty of Mexico’s coast. Spending your days outside is also the perfect way to get a little exercise while practicing social distancing and breathing in the fresh ocean breeze.

The safest tourist destinations in Mexico are ready for summer vacations. With low seasonal rates on all-inclusive resorts and a list of outdoor activities that will appeal to all types of travelers, these coastal destinations are the perfect choices for where to go for summer vacation. Taking the time to travel and explore somewhere new will bring you closer together and create lifelong memories for your family.

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