Family vacations in times of coronavirus

Six months ago, none of us would have imagined wearing a mask to go grocery shopping or to deposit a check at the bank, but today, stocking up on hand sanitizer and scouring the stores for toilet paper is the new normal. As coronavirus travel bans are lifted and vacations resume, many people are wondering is it safe to travel again. While the answer depends on the destination, travelers everywhere will have to adjust to new protocols and requirements for flying, staying in hotels, and exploring destinations. These new travel trends are designed to keep everyone safe and prevent another outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. While these travelers protocols may feel different at first, they’ll soon become the new normal in the travel and tourism industry.


When the coronavirus pandemic first swept across the world, the headlines in travel industry news announced that flights were canceled and grounded. As coronavirus travel bans were put into effect, travelers were scrambling to rebook and refund flights. Now, the latest in domestic and international travel news is safety procedures at airports and aboard planes. While the recent travelers protocols vary per airline, there are some common practices. Many planes are spending additional time on the ground to go through a deep disinfectant cleaning, with sanitation efforts focused on commonly-touched surfaces. Additionally, to reassure employees who have also been wondering is it safe to travel, the new protocols will cut down on contact between staff and travelers. According to recent travel industry news, people will have to hold out their boarding passes to be scanned, seats will be left empty between travelers, and in-flight food and beverages will be limited to prepackaged items. These new travel trends will promote social distancing so that the travel and tourism industry can reopen. 


At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, hotels around the world shut their doors to protect their local communities. As travelers are wondering is it safe to travel, the answer will depend on the destination, and in those that are ready to reopen, hotels are announcing their own protocols for keeping everyone safe. Before entering many hotels, travelers and staff will have their temperatures taken, and employees will often be given freshly laundered uniforms to change into upon arrival for the work day. One of the new travel trends you’ll probably notice is lower occupancy rates and social distancing protocols in common areas. For example, some resorts will require guests to reserve a time slot in the gym so that it doesn’t become crowded. Others will require reservations for hotel dining. You’ll also notice more cleaning going on throughout the resort during the day, but there will likely be fewer daily cleanings to rooms when travelers are staying multiple nights, limiting physical contact between staff and guests. As travel industry news continues to announce changes at resorts that align with best health practices, more people will feel comfortable traveling once again. 

While coronavirus travel bans are being lifted, travelers still need to be careful and practice social distancing whether they’re at the airport or exploring exotic destinations. The new normal, which includes a wealth of travelers protocols, is meant to keep everyone safe. While the travel and tourism industry has worked hard to keep international travel news positive, they have also spent a great deal of time revamping areas of concern and updating policies that will make it possible to travel with less risk. More than likely, the new normal won’t feel like a burden, but rather a refreshing change of pace.

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