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The Sober Social Scene. Countless people look forward to weekends, vacations or parties because they are determined to let loose and have a good time. Drinking alcohol is one of the most common ways to socialize, whether at an upscale cocktail venue, a dive bar or a house party, but it doesn’t have to be. Alcohol may lower one’s inhibitions, making it seem infinitely easier to talk to strangers or feel less awkward in social situations. And while these may seem like valid reasons to order another round, drinking also has a lot of downsides. Although alcohol is claimed by some to have health benefits when enjoyed in moderation, it can also lead to a host of serious health problems from liver damage to increasing the risk of several types of cancer. In addition, drinking is often known to lead to poor decision making and risky behavior. Armed with this knowledge, more people belonging to the wellness-minded set are making the healthy decision to steer clear of drinking alcohol.

A Healthier Lifestyle

For many wellness enthusiasts, it seems like a conflict of interest to devote themselves to practices like working out regularly, meditation sessions, eating a clean diet, sipping on green juices and other healthy elixirs, avoiding sugar and using eco-friendly beauty products while continuing to drink alcohol. That is why more people than ever are either going completely sober or at least embracing the idea of conscious drinking instead of going overboard and letting themselves get drunk.

Gone are days wasted and lost because of a hangover. Without alcohol in the system to impair judgement, the worries of making bad alcohol-fueled decisions suddenly vanish. Drinking is a common way for people to dull their senses and tune out what is going wrong in their lives. Going sober makes it possible to focus on making positive changes rather than masking what is wrong.

The Sober Social Scene

Since adopting a sober lifestyle is more popular than ever, there are plentiful ways to stay entertained without drinking alcohol. It should come as no surprise that trend-inspiring cities like New York and Los Angeles are leading the pack in the sobriety movement, with a variety of social activities that target those who wish to stay sober. Here are just a few ways people are staying sober while still enjoying a social life:

  • Dry Dinner Parties – These gatherings bring together health-minded sober guests to have an incredible dining experience while socializing. The bonus is that everyone will feel great the next day, too. This one is easy for anyone to recreate at home.

  • Mainstream Mocktails – Once relegated to Shirley Temples on the kid’s menu, nonalcoholic drinks for adults and children alike are now cropping up everywhere. Handcrafted healthy mocktails are definitely the new Cosmo.

  • A Fusion of Art, Music and Sobriety – Catering to the hip crowd, alcohol-free gatherings and events that provide social alternatives to the typical bar scene are growing in popularity. From DJ events to pop-up parties, alcohol certainly isn’t needed to have a good time, and the sober crowd cannot get enough of the fun.

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