Sunset in the Puerto Vallarta downtown

1. The first among the things you should know about Puerto Vallarta is that the destination in Mexico is a haven for foodies who enjoy diverse cuisine, world-class restaurants, gourmet food, and local delights. PV has become synonymous with delicious dining and when you visit Puerto Vallarta, you should expect to be wowed by the large variety of fantastic restaurants, taco stands, and everything in between. Think of a Puerto Vallarta vacation as a trip for your tastebuds more than anything else.

2. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was once named the friendliest city on the planet and while that was years ago, not much has changed. When you visit the stunning seaside destination in Mexico, you might be surprised by the vast amounts of people who offer a friendly smile as you stroll by, lend a helping hand just when you need it, or who will strike up a conversation just because. If you ever need anything while on your Puerto Vallarta vacation, you can rest assured that there will always be someone who is happy to help. From resort personnel to passengers on the local bus, don’t hesitate to ask.

3. As one of the best places to vacation in the world, Puerto Vallarta is teeming with fun things to do, romantic activities, and family-friendly tours. While Puerto Vallarta tours are a great way to experience the splendor of the seaside destination, there are also a variety of things to do in Puerto Vallarta that don’t require a paid tour. Head to Boca de Tomatlan to begin a hike through the jungle to some of Puerto Vallarta’s most beautiful beaches. Peruse the Malecon at the center of town during the day and night for an exciting adventure filled with history, culture, and festivities. Hike up to the Mirador de las Cruces located above centro for a spectacular view of the city. Or visit one of the public beaches that blanket the coast for fun in the sun and water.

4. Any time is a good time to visit Vallarta! While November to April tend to be the most popular months for tourism in all of the top destinations in Mexico, PV is also one of the best places to vacation throughout the rest of the year. The month of May brings about a quieter time as many of the snowbirds have already returned home, while June through October offers “low season” discounts on many Puerto Vallarta tours and on rates at the diverse resorts throughout the region. There is often a misconception that rainy season (June – September) means that things to do in Puerto Vallarta are limited and that the sun rarely shines. In fact, on most days, the sun shines throughout the morning and afternoon until the rain clouds roll in in the early evening. While the rains can be a nuisance, they rarely make it difficult to enjoy the beauty of the city and they almost always bring about a much appreciated reprieve from the heat.

5. The last of the things you should know about Puerto Vallarta, and probably the most important, is that the destination in Mexico is not only among the safest places to vacation, it is also considerably safer than most major cities in the United States. In recent years, Mexico has gotten a bad rap due to increased drug violence and cartel activity and U.S. travel warnings spit out broad based generalizations about how unsafe it is to travel in Mexico. While there are some areas of the country you should avoid, Puerto Vallarta simply is not one of them. When you travel anywhere in the world, it is always a good idea to be aware of the laws, keep your wits about you, and avoid participating in illegal activity. These same ideas apply when you visit Puerto Vallarta. In most situations, if you don’t go looking for trouble on your Puerto Vallarta vacation, you won’t find any.

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