travel safely during pregnancy

Although the thought of traveling while you are pregnant may seem intimidating, it is actually a great time for you to enjoy a getaway to spoil yourself before your bundle of joy arrives. A “babymoon” is particularly appealing for first-time mothers who want to take one last trip before their lives change forever upon the arrival of their baby. Take the time now to treat yourself to a vacation that will put the focus on you; after all, your own needs are about to take a backseat to those of your baby. The following tips for traveling while pregnant will help ensure that you enjoy a relaxing trip that is comfortable and safe.

Timing is Everything

The second trimester is the ideal time to travel while pregnant because you will likely be done with morning sickness but won’t feel zapped of energy the way you might in the third trimester. If you are not able to travel within that window of time, at least try to avoid traveling after you have reached 34 weeks. Of course, you will need to consult with your doctor to get the ok on travel before you leave, especially if you are experiencing a higher-risk pregnancy.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

While you may be tempted to check a far-flung fantasy destination off of your travel bucket list, now is not the time to endure long flight times or multiple layovers. There are a number of luxury resorts in Mexico and other warm weather destinations that don’t require long flight plans or multiple layovers. You should also choose a vacation somewhere that will allow you to relax, or that will allow you to see all the sights without having to do too much climbing or lengthy excursions. Avoid areas with high altitudes, as it is recommended that pregnant women not sleep at altitudes greater than 12,000 feet. If you decide to travel abroad, check with your doctor about safety and find out if you need any extra vaccinations in order to visit.

Take it Easy

Doctors generally encourage pregnant women to stay active with low-impact options like walking, swimming or yoga. However, stay away from more extreme activities that could harm you or your baby, such as scuba diving, skydiving, skiing and snowboarding. Booking a stay at a luxury resort in Mexico is a great option for women looking to travel during pregnancy because many of these resorts have relaxing poolside options and decadent spas that know how to care for even the most delicate of needs.

Bring Your Prenatal Records Along

Airlines typically require a doctor’s note if you are scheduled to deliver within 30 days of takeoff, but policies vary from carrier to carrier, so do some research before booking a ticket. Your records will be useful if you require treatment while away from home, as the local doctors will have a better understanding of your pregnancy thus far.

Ask for a Pat-down

When going through security, metal detectors are generally safe for pregnant women, but AIT scanners that spin around you could be a different story because their long-term effects are unknown. Instead, request a security pat-down to be on the safe side when traveling while pregnant.

Stretch It Out

Not only will an aisle seat on the airplane allow you to make frequent trips to the bathroom if needed, it will ensure that you are able to get up to stroll around and stretch as often as needed. Pregnant women are more susceptible to blood clots, so moving around often is a great way to keep your blood flowing.

Now that you are prepared to travel while pregnant, you just need to pick a destination. Happy travels!

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