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In the past several weeks, nations around the world issued coronavirus travel advisory updates and restrictions. As you read each coronavirus travel update, you probably have a hundred questions rushing through your mind. Is it safe to travel right now? Is there a travel ban? Should I cancel my summer travel plans? When can I take that vacation? While you probably love to travel, staying safe and protecting the health of those around you is the main priority during the pandemic. Coronavirus and travel might not be two things you want to put together, or it might be something you’d consider, so think through these questions before making or changing plans.

Is There a Travel Ban?

There is a current travel ban for foreign nationals entering the US who have traveled to China, Iran, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, or the European Schengen area. American citizens, permanent residents, and their families who have visited these areas will be allowed to enter through specific points of entries. For all international travelers entering the US, there is an official coronavirus travel advisory asking them to self quarantine for 14 days. Every other country has their own travel restrictions coronavirus rules. As you’re asking “is there a travel ban?,” the best thing you can do is check with the government’s website of your destination. 

Is it Safe to Travel Right Now?

Right now, the current advisory is to stay at home and avoid any unnecessary travel. However, as cities get past the peak of the coronavirus pandemic and tourism starts to resume, the key to knowing is it safe to travel right now, is researching any coronavirus travel advisory concerning your destination. One thing to consider is the precautionary measures your destination has created. If the city is encouraging social distancing, making testing widely available, and slowly allowing businesses to reopen, you may be able to travel there soon.

When will Travel Restrictions be Lifted?

Most world health experts have estimated that most coronavirus travel restrictions will be lifted by summer 2021. Before then, as soon as July 2020, almost all destinations will be making a travel ban update to slowly reopen to tourism. While the best time to travel will be after the coronavirus pandemic, destinations that weren’t heavily hit by the virus will likely be lifting travel restrictions coronavirus related this summer.

Will I be able to Travel this Summer?

Many travel restrictions coronavirus related rules will start to be lifted by July, and depending on your travel purposes and destinations, you may still be able to travel this summer. Before canceling your summer reservations and making decisions about coronavirus and travel, wait and read any new travel ban update for your destination from the US Department of State. If there is no coronavirus travel update lifting restrictions within 30 days of your departure, you’ll then want to contact your airline and resort to rebook your vacation. 

As the rules about coronavirus and travel continue to develop, you’ll hopefully be able to return to your favorite destinations, but protecting the health of society takes priority above travel in the current situation. Before canceling or confirming travel plans, check the latest coronavirus travel update for your destination. Rather than jetting off before it’s safe, take time to consider how the travel ban update will affect your vacation. Sometimes, having the patience to wait will payoff with the vacation of a lifetime that’s safe and worry free. 

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