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When you visit Mexico, there are thousands of delectable foods to try, including the many indigenous tropical fruits, some of which are exported to grocery stores around the world, and some of which remain local favorites. These tropical fruits in Mexico can be found along the road, at local markets, and at larger grocery store chains. Some of them will likely be familiar to you, like pineapple and mangos while others will appear completely foreign. On your next Mexico vacations, pick up some of these exotic fruits for a healthy and sweet snack or order a drink flavored with their juices.


Known in English as soursop, Guanabana is abundant in Mexico. Once you cut into its green exterior, you’ll smell a tropical fruit similar to pineapple. Inside is a creamy pulp, reminiscent of coconut or banana. Scoop out the slightly sour but definitely sweet fruit, and you’ll taste a sweet and citrusy flavor, similar to strawberries and apple. This fruit also has healing properties, and even the National Cancer Institute found that the fruit can kill cancer cells.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is cultivated in tropical areas, and commonly found in mixed drinks. Instead of just trying a passion fruit margarita on your Mexico vacations, pick up one of these round purple fruits to try the seedy pulp. The flavor of passion fruit is definitely tangy and tart, like a grapefruit or tangerine, but still sweet enough to be a popular flavor. It’s pulp contains lots of black seeds, which you can chew and eat or spit out.


Native to central Mexico, Chayote is a pear-shaped green fruit, and amazingly, all parts of the plant, from the stem to the skin, are edible. Like a gourd though, chayote is mostly eaten cooked, but it can be a tasty addition to salads and salsas. It is mildly sweet and is crispy when uncooked, making it fit between a potato and an apple. It truly is a great treat to try when you visit Mexico.


In Mexico, tuna isn’t a fish. That’s atún. In Spanish, tuna refers to the fruit of a cactus, but in English it’s known as prickly pear. Tuna is a refreshing snack or a delicious flavor in sweets, jams, drinks, or even salads. Once peeled, the fruit has black seeds which are edible, and when eaten, the tropical fruit is sweet and juicy, almost tasting like watermelon or even bubblegum. For a truly exotic fruit, try tuna, the fruit of a cactus plant, on your Mexico vacations.


Commonly referred to as dragon fruit, Pitaya is definitely an eye-catching, exotic fruit, and it’s grown throughout Asia, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Despite its exciting outside, the flavor of pitaya is not as strong as other Mexican fruits. Its flavor is more tamed and bland, similar to a honeydew melon. It’s a nice addition to a fruit salad, or chili flakes can be added to heighten the flavor of pitaya when eaten on its own.

Star Fruit

This fruit gets its name from its unique star-like shape. There are two types with two distinct flavors. While they’re coloring is similar, the larger one has a sweeter taste like a grape, and the smaller one has a much sour flavor. Eating the fruit is simple, and adding it as a garnish brings a stunning touch to a smoothie or drink. After washing the outside thoroughly, cut the fruit into small stars, and the best things is that it’s entirely edible, including the skin, making enjoying the fruit on its own simple.

The next time you visit Mexico, reach for something exotic. Meander through the local markets and select a variety of these tropical fruits to take back to your resort for an afternoon snack or when you’re reading a menu, order something new with the sweet and tangy flavors of the tropical fruits of Mexico.

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