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You love them and have known them for a while, but somehow, you still find yourself asking “What is a good Valentine’s Day gift?” This year, for Valentine’s Day 2021, instead of opting for the traditional flowers and candy, make your Valentine’s Day gifts more unique, and you don’t have to spend a lot to do so. Let these Valentine’s Day ideas inspire you to pick out the perfect option.

Gifts for the Traveler

While airline tickets and luxury accommodations would definitely be good Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her, the traveler in your life could probably also use a fresh set of personalized luggage tags or a passport holder to make them feel posh wherever they go. Help them decorate the house by giving them a scratch-off map of the world or printing off one of their favorite travel photos onto canvas. Even if they’re not traveling for Valentine’s Day, these gifts will encourage their jet setting passion.

Gifts for the Self-Care Guru

Self-care items are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him, and picking out a new skincare product or splurging on high-end candles will make them feel truly pampered. If your partner loves taking care of themselves, a bathtub tray, the latest personal development book, or cozy slippers and a robe are all really good Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her. Even if they’re picky about products and making you second guess what is a good Valentine’s Day gift for them, cozy new pajamas or a fresh toiletry bag is always a good idea.

Gifts for the Stay-at-Home Worker

If your partner has to work from home on Valentine’s Day 2021, they’ll really appreciate gifts that make their day a little easier. Blue light glasses will take the strain off their eyes, and a standing desktop will help them add a little movement to their day. Even simple office supplies or new lipstick for their work calls are perfect Valentine’s Day ideas

Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts 

Bring the outdoors indoors, and instead of buying flowers that will die before the month is out, find an indoor plant to give your partner in a beautiful pot. This is one of the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him that will last all year long. Some other ideas include memorabilia from their favorite national park, hiking or sports gear, or even a picnic date somewhere nearby. 

Gifts for the Foodie

For foodies, the classic Valentine’s Day ideas are taking them out to a fancy restaurant or trying to impress them with a home-cooked meal, but there are a few other options for Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him. Check out what chefs they follow on social media, and purchase their cookbook so that your partner has all their favorite recipes in one place. Go the practical route by giving new cooking utensils or pans, or pick out a whimsical new apron or tea towel, all perfectly good Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her.

If you worried about what is a good Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Find a gift that’s truly meaningful to them, and whether it’s extravagant or simple, giving a gift that’s perfect for them will show them how much you care about them and their interests.

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