ways to entertain the kids while on vacation

Planning a family vacation is one thing and going on vacation with them is another! Family vacations can be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of your life or they can be a nightmare.  It all depends of what you do while on vacation with kids that determines the type of memories you create.  When planning a vacation with kids, it is important to find ways to keep them entertained so they are happy and you can find time to relax and enjoy your vacation as well. There are plenty of ways to entertain your kids, you just need to find inspiration in the world that surrounds you.

Outdoor Activities

Vacationing in warm weather translates to a plethora of activities that can be realized in the great outdoors. Invite your children to an experience they’ll never forget with these incredible outdoor activities:

Kid’s Club

Depending on their age, some kids can head off on half day or full day adventures of their own.  Take advantage of Kid’s Clubs that are offered at many of the all-inclusive resorts in top destinations throughout the world.  They usually have a slew of outdoor activities to keep kids entertained, while you grab a massage, lounge by the pool or sip on a much needed drink. These resorts often also offer an option for younger children who are accompanied by parents to participate in a large array of activities designed just for them.

Pool Time

Should you be staying at an all-inclusive resort, it is very likely that there will be an outdoor pool maybe even more than one, that your kids can play in. There are typically kid pool areas with chairs situated nearby so you can keep them in sight at all times. Resorts will also have game nights, and you can often find a volleyball or other types of pool games to play for all age groups!

Sand Castles

If you’re spending most of your vacation on the beach, there are plenty of games and activities that kids can find entertaining. Playing in the sand is one way to get started if they want to build castles, cover their siblings for fun photo opts, or even draw their names in the sand. Bringing toys to the beach is also helpful should they need more accessories to keep them engaged.

Water Sports

There are plenty of water sports your kids can enjoy while on vacation, including and certainly not limited to: parasailing, jet skiing, paragliding, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and kayaking!  Some activities can take an entire vacation day in the sun and others depend on rental times.

Theme Nights

Some of the top resorts have a number of theme nights, which is a great way to keep kids entertained, without having to venture too far away from the resort grounds. Most resorts post a theme night schedule so you can your vacation in advance, making sure to catch the best shows, beach parties or dance-a-thons.  The best part about most of these theme nights is that they are designed for the enjoyment of guests of all ages.


Another easy way to find kids entertainment on vacation is to do your research in advance, learning about a number of exciting activities you and your family would enjoy. There are a number of tours, such as ziplining, horseback riding, or even snorkeling that are great for large families and even those with small children. If you don’t have time to research in advance, many of the resorts will guide you through the process, suggesting which tours are right for your family’s needs.

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