ziplining in puerto vallarta

As one of Puerto Vallarta’s most sought-after and exhilarating outdoor activities, ziplining tours have become a can’t-miss adventure for the whole family when embarking on a Mexico vacation. With children as young as seven years old welcome to participate in this thrilling series of rides over a canopy of lush tropical jungle below, you are sure to create memories that your family will treasure for a lifetime. You will get to know Puerto Vallarta from an entirely new perspective as you soar above the trees and take in the breathtaking sights below you. A Puerto Vallarta zipline tour will definitely get your adrenaline pumping, making it the perfect adventure for anyone daring enough to give it a try!

Safety First

Every Puerto Vallarta zipline tour focuses on the importance of a ensuring a safe experience for each and every person who takes part. Before getting started, you will be given a safety briefing that will give you the tools to make the tour as safe as possible for yourself, your fellow tourists and the dedicated group of guides who will see to it that your journey from start to finish is not only secure but completely enjoyable as well. Safety gear including a helmet and harness will be selected for you before starting out on the tour. Because every zipline tour happens far above the canopy line, you should know that while these zipline tours are suitable for a range of ages and conditions, some uphill walking will take place so that you can arrive at the point where the tour begins.

The Thrill of a Lifetime

After you have made it to the start of the Puerto Vallarta zipline tour, get ready for one of the most invigorating rides of your life. Soaring high above the jungle-covered picturesque landscape at mind-blowing speeds will certainly get your heart racing in a good way. Imagine the rush you will feel as you fly back and forth over the jungle at daring heights that will have you enjoying every second of the bird’s-eye view. Depending on which of the Puerto Vallarta tours you choose, you may even have the opportunity to ride in tandem with your fellow travelers, which is sure to make your experience even more remarkable. Several Vallarta tours even have double lines at the end which allow you to race against other zipliners in your group for the ultimate in fun-loving competition. Once you have finished your exhilarating zipline tour, you will be able to kick back after all of the stimulation by enjoying some snacks or drinks. With keepsake photos and/or a tour video made available for purchase after it’s all over, you will have the chance to revisit your extraordinary Mexico vacation any time you like.

When visiting Puerto Vallarta, be sure to take part in a zipline tour that will undoubtedly be the highlight of your Mexico vacation!

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